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Public Transportation and Tourist Information


TEL 025-752-0770 (Japanese only)

Rental Cars

Miyuki Rental Cars
TEL 025-757-0008 (Japanese only)

Toyota Rental Cars
TEL 025-752-6100 (Japanese only)

* Taxi and car rental are great ways to get arround Tokamachi City


Tokamachi Taxi
TEL 025-752-3184 (Japanese only)

Jikkou Taxi
TEL 025-752-3146 (Japanese only)

Akashi Taxi
TEL 025-757-3360 (Japanese only)

Tobu Taxi
TEL 025-596-2244 (Japanese only)

Showa Transport
TEL 025-768-2237 (Japanese only)

Tourist Information

Tokamachi Tourist Information
TEL 025-750-1277

Matsudai and Matunoyama Onsen Tourist Information
TEL 025-597-3442

Michi no Eki 'Cross 10'
TEL 025-757-2323

Tokamachi Tourism Information center
TEL 025-757-3345

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