Experience the Culture and Lifestyle of the Snow Country

Tokamachi has some of the heaviest snowfall in all of Japan. The city is full of snow-related culture and activities!

Some of the heaviest snow in Japan

In the winter, Tokamachi becomes a snowy wonderland. Every year the snowfall exceeds three meters, and walls of snow, high enough to hide a person walking beside them, take shape throughout the city. Coming to Tokamachi in the winter is a great opportunity to experience an extraordinarily snowy way of life.

Hot springs and local cuisine (Kiyotsukyo Onsen Setoguchi)

Kiyotsukyo Onsen Setoguchi is a small inn nestled within the mountains between Kiyotsu Gorge and Seto Gorge. The legend goes that the great monk Kobo-Daishi called forth these hot spring waters, giving them the nickname Kobo no sazuke-yu "Kobo's waters". Here you can enjoy delicious local cooking sat around a traditional sunken hearth, a commodity hard to find these days.

Experiencing the culture and lifestyle of the Snow Country

There are many experiences which offer the opportunity to gain a glimpse of the Snow Country's unique and very snowy lifestyle and culture. Visitors can build a kamakura snow hut on the grounds of their inn, and then light these up come evening to enjoy grilled rice cakes together. Or, try trekking through the snow fields or forests wearing traditional kanjiki snowshoes. You can also try making anbo rice cakes, a local specialty here.

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